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Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:United States of America
I'm an introvert in the classic sense: I get all my recharge from being alone. I think people are fascinating, but I don't actually like a whole lot of them, especially at once. My facade of studious intelligence and the books that seem to perpetually hover six inches from my nose disguise a wide sarcastic streak and a powerfully morbid sense of humor. When people give me surveys, online quizzes, or personality tests, I intentionally give answers that throw off the result.

I believe passionately in both Murphy's Law and the Threefold Rule, and I think that most gods (God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or Other) would be ashamed of their followers. I think the Universe does its best to watch out for people.

Mostly I think the world is a pretty interesting place; I like to learn about it and hope to continue learning about it for years and years to come.

Interests (116):

ace of cakes, adult alternative, anime, anthropology, baking, beading, beethoven, beta-reading, blue october, bond, burn notice, castle, chick flicks, chronicles of riddick, classical pop, collecting things, comedy, cooking, country, crime drama, criminal minds, crochet, csi: new york, csi: vegas, david weber, daydreaming, disney's robin hood, drawing, dreamcatchers, embroidery, escala, fame, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, firefly, folklore, food network, gallows humor, gardening, gone in 60 seconds, good eats, good omens, harry potter, high fantasy, honor harrington, horror, house, japan, japanese culture, jewelry-making, john mayer, josh groban, jude devereaux, keith urban, kenny chesney, laughing, law & order, law & order svu, limericks, linkin park, long hot showers, lynn flewelling, magic, mercedes lackey, military sci-fi, mockery, murphy's law, mutineer's moon trilogy, my big fat greek wedding, my chemical romance, mystery, mythbusters, mythology, ncis, neil gaiman, nicholas cage movies, oil paints, original fiction, painting, path of the fury, patricia briggs, people-watching, photography, pitch black, planet earth, poppy z brite, project runway, rascall flatts, reading, reorganizing my library, sarah brightman, sarcasm, sci-fi, sister act, sleep, star wars, storytelling, tamora pierce, tanya huff, taylor swift, tchaikovsky, the discovery channel, the x-files, timothy zahn, uncle kracker, urban fantasy, vampires, wagner, watercolor, white collar, whodunnit, woodwork, writing, yarn
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